At BraceFX® we understand that living a healthy, active lifestyle is important to you. We have a full-line of supports and braces, perfect for people of all ages, that provide support, protection, and pain relief. Committed to the wellness of our customers, each of our supports and braces are designed to offer varying levels of support, from mild to maximum, allowing you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The BraceFX® mission is to provide high-quality products that help improve lives by empowering people to be healthy and active, at any age.

Our supports and braces are designed to stabilize joints and protect crucial muscles from the stress and strain of daily activities. So whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to enhance your fitness routines, or want relief from the pain of a chronic condition, we have a product specifically designed for you.

About Us



Multiple Uses

Helps with injury prevention and pain relief

Quality Craftmanship

Superior materials and construction for increased durability

Breathable Materials

For comfortable, all-day wear

Targeted Compression

Adjustable components relieve pain, boost performance, and help speed recovery

Low Profile

To easily fit into your daily routine

ComforTech Innovations Group, LLC

BraceFX® bases its principles on the vision set by its parent company, ComforTech Innovations Group, LLC.

CTI’s brands support the entire body and improve overall well-being. For more information on CTI and its other brands, visit